Life is yin and yang

yin and yang of oceans Life flows as natural as waves roll into shore, swirling with sand over and over as the yin and yang of the ocean, free-forming and blending in a forever time.

Tides never fail to move in synch with the moon. As day and night, solstices and equinoxes, they move in and out in constant balance of one another.

People too, can roll together as free as those waves. Sometimes, struggling to stay afloat in peaks of soaring oceans, in a volatility that carries beyond extremes to be stuck in a futility of flooding submerge.

Other times, we can bathe and soothe as tranquil bays or lagoons of azure, brimming in nurture. It’s an ease of comfortable togetherness where time stands still and nothing else exists. It’s intoxicating, morish. Delicious.

It can come without the physical touch of a hand or gentle press of lips coming together in exhilarating delight. It comes in the purest of words, in the purposeful listening and sharing, with a heightened awareness of curiosity and concern.

It’s supremely safe, surrounded by the thickest of safety nets.

Sometimes, those words of nurture and unassuming support linger as only a millisecond of the free-forming yin and yang of the ocean. They dissipate as quickly as a moon glistening over a night ocean is smothered by thick clouds storming in.

In a fleeting flash, that time is gone and we’re left with an almost pang of desire for more of that serene yin and yang of the ocean.

Until the next clearing of storms … we wait.

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