A Milky Way Dreaming

It strikes as the first thunderbolt in a stirring storm, an unexpected flicker of the quickest flash that catches an eye for just long enough to wonder in awe at what has struck.

It could be a provocative glance or simply an internal feeling that has opened up a level of comfortability and freedom. Something resonates, something has manifested on some inexplicable plane that other gaping eyes notice too.

Yet its flash is fleeting and prompts questioning as to what was seen or felt, if anything at all.

Then without warning, it hits again. This time, with a tinge of warmth that peeks from behind an unseen mask of bleakness that has been built up as a barrier over time. It’s a soft nurture of warmth and kindness that hops any heart in a field of rainbow bliss. Yet its intensity sends a rush of natural high.

A glance becomes a short gaze that zaps sparks between extremities, from the tiny tip of a big toe to the end most edge of the tallest strand of hair on a head. A touch scented in tenderness fades thoughts blank. It’s there, dawning as an early morning sun bursting over a cloud-streaked sky without the propulsion of a skerrick of wind or breeze. Fresh, boundless energy of infinite potential.

And with it comes a soothing comfort of ease and care, tinged with a tenderness oozing from a place of vulnerability that can only come from deep heartbreak. It’s that vulnerability that entices as the glaring illumination of a thousand Milky Ways to depths of eternity.
Until the clouds gather as cocky crowds to overshadow and continue that see-saw tease. A barrage of doubts force the question of authenticity. What was felt, what was heard; what was real and not.

The scent lingers, the softness of touch can still be felt. The allure is inescapable as the sea-saw of tease continues.

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