The gift of time


Rushing, going, moving, being somewhere, anywhere. Time. There’s never enough, need more, always want more.

Time to think and act and do. Time to be and play and have fun, time to walk and run …

Time to feel, time to heal. Time to see and be.

Time to love and be loved, and feel the love. Time to feel sad and hurt and heal from the hurt – only time can do that.

Faster, darting, dashing … quick, more, more, more … time to work and more work … hurry, need it yesterday … I don’t have time!

Time’s ticking, always ticking. Tick, tick, tick …


Stop all time.


Breathe again, deeper, in through your nose, and out through your nose.

Look around you. Look outside.

Breathe deep again. Slow. Take the time to smell the air, feel the breath pass by your nostrils.

Time is everywhere, all around us. We’re in time, living it and existing within it for time will never stop.

Walk in your garden and feel the grass tickle your toes as the sun warms your hair, feel the breeze flow under your shirt. Breathe.

Take some time to be, to see and appreciate and be grateful for what is, or not. Appreciate all that are here with us and those that have left this Earth.

Take time to feel and think and see and do, take time to create, to fall down and pick yourself up.

Time is there for talking and caring. Time is there to help to heal and recover.

Take some time and appreciate the friend in time. Time can get us through.

Time is patience to allow and understand all that is and why it is.

Stop and breathe. Take some time.

Allow the time to grow and accept what is today and has been yesterday, and to make a plan for tomorrow.

Time is today. Time is a gift.

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