Life after writing


Writing and blogging, expressing thoughts and more writing … it means something different depending on whether you’re the writer or reader, or both. For me, I like to write about life, to share my thoughts as real as life is and in the gorgeous and ghastly glory it strikes us.

It’s been some weeks since I posted my last blog, my longest absence from blogging since I began about eighteen months ago. That’s because my focus has been on completing my Snippets of Sadie manuscript, which involved an intense period of waking early at around 4am and sometimes earlier, to write diligently before going off to my ‘day job’, looking after my family and keeping up with life and all its quirks. I think many writers do that, wake early to write before going off to another job. I know Bryce Courtenay did!

A few weeks ago when I was nearing the end of Sadie, I was asked to participate in a blog tour on my writing process. When the tour began months earlier, I had no interest in it. However when I was asked to contribute, I thought it an opportunity to share my writing process to finish the manuscript.

Now, two weeks after completing Sadie and with time to catch up on sleep to feed my brain to think clearly and function again, I’m back with little interest in the blog tour and have decided not to take part. I hope that doesn’t disrupt the tour and I apologise to those that are part of it, if it has.

Writing for me, allows me the freedom to share my thoughts on life at any given moment, to write without constraint. It’s is a joyful expression of me and the opportunity to play with the sound and lyricism of words to evoke strong feelings and emotions that readers can relate to and empathise with. I play this way when I blog and push boundaries I wouldn’t normally push. I’m sure it has helped me to finish Sadie and I’m very pleased at how Sadie has developed. The realism and forthright honesty of her life and the challenges she endures, the rich and gritty expression in my words are that much stronger because of my ability to experiment through blogging.

Snippets of Sadie is now off with a publisher and what a feeling it was to finish it! Once I packaged the manuscript ready to send with a letter, I crashed onto the couch with a glass of sparkling wine and chocolate while on the phone to a friend hundreds of kilometres away. She sipped a beer and had a bowl of chips by her side. Relief, elation and exhaustion all rolled into one that evening and the next day culminated in feeling very unwell, I’m sure through exhaustion!

So life after writing Sadie … well it’s more of the same really, more writing, more thinking and sharing. I’m on leave from my ‘day job’ to be with my boys over the school holidays, which is helping my head to clear and think through a new story plot. My research for that is underway and I’m also revisiting a children’s chapter book. The next couple of days by the beach with family will help to continue the clarity in my thinking and surely move my next writing projects along!

Life after writing Sadie is more writing, about life in its entirety and reality, with a splash of mischief and humour, an underlying intent to affect change in thinking and being, and always a dash of love. I don’t want much!

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