Love and light beyond the veil

ImageExcitement abuzz, as busy bees build their hives with the distinct trimmings of this time of year. Children excited as they wait for Father Christmas to come, food and drinks are prepared in intricate speciality as families and friends gather to be.

Whether in snow or searing winds of below zero temperatures where power is cut and plans are suddenly changed, or by a beach bathed in sunburning sun where a refreshing dip in the ocean can give some relief to a belly stretched by gluttony, we come together to celebrate in our own way.

And yet the extreme of that weather can mimic a more inward and reflective time that for some, can resemble an internal battle field.

Hands tremble and eyes disappear into a darkness behind a veil, pressure builds at the onslaught of what’s to come. The weeks leading up to this time funnel in to this one day of the year with such force and strain of all that should be.

Lost hope, pressure to be right and perfect, and the pull of doing what should be done and being with people they should be with, can build as a volcano about to erupt. The pressure to meet the expectations of this time of year can become all too much and that volcano erupts to add another layer to the veil, one of dust that can stifle breath.

So for those who celebrate this Christmas time of year, I send love and light to enjoy the blessing and privilege you have to celebrate.

To those that find this time of year all too much and who want to escape and those tormented by that desire to escape but can’t, I send you great love and light.

Those grieving for lost souls or besieged by life and find this time of year, a time they want to pass as quickly as possible, an abundance of love and light to you also.

And to those who want to celebrate but can’t, to those that can celebrate but are too besieged to do so, and to those with expectations that can’t be met, I send mountains of love and light to you too.

Accept what is, so you can be. You’re important to you, without expectations.  

Spend this time of year as it is, even if it’s not what you hoped it would to be. It’s the way it is for a reason, whether you understand the hardship or not and why it is this way. What it is, is what it is. It is life.

In love and light, to penetrate your veil to breathe again. 

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