Dancing the Milky Way

Reach For The Stars by Margaret Pirrouette

It’s the end of an era, twelve years done and dusted. Twelve years of learning and friendships, challenges and triumphs, and all contained within the four black-spiked walls that have protected our most precious these past years. A period of time, finished.

And yet your deep imprint emblazons every skerrick of our skin in a most brilliant tattoo that will never fade.

We’ve come together for concerts and conversations, athletics and arts festival days. Together, as teachers and mentors, we’ve raised our little beacons of light to lead and go on, supported and nurtured this next generation of bright stars with steadfast strength, compassion and kindness that begets humbleness beyond compare. Gone are the little beings dressed in oversized shorts and t-shirts long enough to be mini dresses, hello to a new emerging brilliance on the Milky Way.

How good you must feel to see these stars burn brighter each year. How good we feel that you have guided and watched over our dazzling cherubs, and supported them in the illumination of celebrations and in the brevity of bumps where we all dug beyond our armour to rise in brave valour.

After twelve years it’s time for good bye and thanks for helping to grow our three stars bright in confidence, with passion and stamina to succeed, strong in academia, happy and healthy in well-being.

It’s good bye and thanks to those today, past and gone, and to the one who has only just left this Earth. Thank you to he who was a foundation of our place of learning and who filled our walls with song and hilarity. Thank you to he who had faith years ago in our smallest star that he would be okay in the new galaxy that became his playground, where he strived as the glowing star that he has become. He who has left this living Earth knew and understood more than me.

Thank you to he who filled these four walls with the grandest of jovial friendliness and with an unwavering sternness that finessed the edges of those little stars. Your departure has cemented the ending of these last twelve years. Finished and never to return, and yet part of that everlasting imprint and emerging brilliance on the Milky Way.

Cemented too is the departure of friends dear, where we will no longer connect in close physicality but be linked by depths that have tinged us and lie etched within.

Good bye and thank you for your friendship. Thank you for growing our stars to burn as bright leading lights that dance along the Milky Way and thank you for your unwavering patience and determination in helping them shine.

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