The changing Want

Desires change, needs morph into something else. Solid and sound, flimsy and fluid.

Sometimes they come under a full moon illuminating a midnight sky, as gentle waves rippling into shore, where we might meet a mermaid and swim beside her to visit places only dreamed of. Other times they thunder in as booming surf smashing into a foreshore that’s stressed by rumbling, screaming storms. Beneath a moonlight smothered, we navigate uneven ground that shifts below our feet with each crashing wave, to sometimes land within the grips of a menacing shark.

How we think and what we do is no longer the same as what it was yesterday, nor what it will be tomorrow. You crave me yesterday and not today, I crave you today and not tomorrow. Not anymore.
Aspirations grow and drive us to dedications, glorious in their enthusiasm and distracting in their obsession. Infatuations can become lustful passions within that booming surf to erode our human facade and expose emotions raw.

Poles of extreme seesaw from desire to dislike, attraction to aversion. Yes and no, more and less. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, to know what to do when, how to think and move and where to look – how to do at all. What to feel can baffle me, can baffle you. It’s material, and superficial. A yearning. A want.

So leave it. Let it be what it wants to be.

Allow the clouds to roll in, black and grey, and brace for the storm to come. It will go; it will pass when it’s done. Let the sun shine in pink and lime, bask in its tender, momentary warmth.

When it comes, and it will, roll with the ripples and soar through the surf. Blow in its breeze to go where it takes you. That way, you’ll ride your own rainbow to glide into your pot of gold.

Move with life’s ebbs and flows and let your heart do what it knows to do. Let your heart be, for it knows how to be.

Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place – ~Rumi

* This blog is part three to The want (part one) and The growing want (part two).

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