Some days are made for appreciating

baby chimp and Siberian lynx
People. They shine brighter than a million galaxies put together on some days. It’s their goodness, their generosity of time and of giving, whether of material or emotional substance, of love that can make any heart of stone, gooey. That heart-warming nature of human beings is a superpower that can defeat any villain.

Take the eleven year who wakes before his mother leaves for work during the school holidays, with eyes barely open and cheeks glowing rosy-warm, sweet sleepiness oozing from every pore, telling her that it may sound odd because he gets to watch T.V. and play the Play Station while she’s at work, but he misses her. And from tucked into her chest that he understands she must go into work instead of work from home because it’s a new job and it’s important that she meet people face-to-face, and that even though the next day she’ll be home with him and telling him to switch the Play Station and T.V off, he’ll still miss her.

The sweet warmth she inhales that exudes from his scalp as her chin rests on his hair surpasses the euphoria of any drug.

Such giving of understanding in a heart so young. Or is it a young heart with an old soul that has lived a thousand lives and each life has been one lesson after another to evolve with this unique understanding and empathy?

Take the other end of the age spectrum and the grassroots Men’s Shed movement that began in 2006. Although very different in age, it too has a blush-of-heart, warming nature.

It was on radio that I caught the President of the Men’s Shed Association talking about communal Men’s Sheds that are fitted out with tools and facilities to support men of all interests, ages and cultures in their community.

Men go into these sheds to fix things broken at home and to learn from, and teach one another skills. They repair bikes and send them to isolated or disadvantaged communities, renovate tools, boats and furniture, refurbish computers for students or make toys for children in hospitals. Much of what they make is donated back to communities or sold to cover material costs only.

A Men’s Shed is a place for men to meet and socialise, and they’re becoming a place that supports the social, emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of men. Many that have retired and have felt lost or become depressed have entered these sheds to find that missing spark in life. Men receive and give support to one another and share life experiences as they make and fix in these sheds. And all that translates into support for themselves and communities. It’s one of the best win-win situations.

Here are some links to understand more about Men’s Sheds.

The spirit of humans to give, understand and love is heartening. We’re evolving. We can see this evolution too in the unfolding of a new democracy in Egypt where millions of opponents of Mohammed Morsi have demanded that he ‘Get Out.’ New times that can only come from people evolving.

Understanding and love extends beyond humans. Take these frolicking friends,, a heart warming finish to a day of goodness!

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