Streaming sun in bountiful knowledge

University grounds

I’m lucky. I feel lucky today, with sun streaming to one side of me, radiating onto my hand as it meanders across this page, and over my cheek and the slightly exposed skin of my neck. My heavy, dark coat rimmed in faux fur, covers the rest of me and my side bathed by the sun is toasting to slowly thaw me.

The other side of me is under dappled sunlight where crisp air dominates and numbs my nostrils with every breath in. It’s the kind of freshness that lets you know you’re alive.

I love the stark contrast between the crisp, still air and the nourishing sunshine. Sipping my rich, hot chocolate enhances the disparity as it warms me from the inside, the heat journeying up to meet up with the heat spreading in from the outside. I always enjoy waiting for my brew to be made at the little corner, crêpe café because I get a chance to marvel at the jars of Nutella that stand proudly on the row of shelves running the inside parameter of the café. They capture the steam coming off the pans as they watch over those busy cooking crêpes and preparing hot drinks below.

I look around me as I sit on a wooden bench bordered by an immaculately trimmed, green hedge. Knowledge and life surrounds me, invigorates me. It’s the combination of youthful and joyful life, hungry for knowledge, and the old masters of the past, eager to pass on their knowing and wisdom. The stone building beside me stands in prestigious honour of those masters from the last 160 years that have passed through its corridors.

And I’m part of it; the jovial conversations of small groups, the intimate sharing in twos, and the quiet reading and contemplation of singletons. Combined, they are the bountiful energy and opulence of life. Fertile minds and lands to support nurturing and growth, with a fertile sky above in a most prefect blue. Even the raking of fallen leaves behind me into clumps of scrunch and rustle add to the richness.

With such warmth and a wealth of autumn hues that mottle against lush greens, I’m fortunate to be part of this, part of everything!

But my time of reflection is up and I too must move onto my purpose to impart some of my knowledge and in the process, grow my intellect in a way that only groups of learning can.
Suddenly, I’m aware of the clipping of boots on the bricked path in transit to their own destination. And my own footsteps, over the brittle crumple of dried leaves as I make my way to those corridors of bounty with my loaded bag on my shoulder, into my classroom.

Fertile grounds for fertile minds.

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