My bag of mixed sweets

Love Hearts

We all have our own little indulgences, beloved drinks or foods, the yummiest lollies, chocolates, treats or candies. Mine is a bag of mixed sweets dominated by a Caramel Bud, a pot of honey and an old-time favourite, the Chocolate Mate.

My Caramel Bud is full of buttery charm with a determination for balance and equality. When he’s not cuddling over me in a swathe of lanky arms, he loves to chat and stir my bag of mixed sweets. He’s never afraid to ask a hard question or say what he thinks.

My pot of honey is smooth on the surface with complex layers of richness beneath. His kisses are sparse and skim my cheeks as butterfly wings, but occasionally come with a vigour that penetrates my core and lingers until he drops the next one on me.

Then there is my enduring Chocolate Mate, my buddy. Beyond the fine chocolate layer is a staunchness rich with strong ties and cuddles of thanks to have me near, or happy to have been to the shops with me.

Chocolate-coated Aniseed Rings too scatter through, adding curves and dips of complexity and sometimes sharp contrasts. Smarties bounce in and through gaps and lodge to add layers of colour and excitement.

Sometimes Pop Rocks explode like fireworks to stir my mix. I’m not a fan of the havoc they create to my palate of balance, nor do I enjoy the sometimes squirm of Sour Snakes as they test my mix further. They ensure though, that I hold my bag of mixed sweets tight as it constantly changes, as the beige Smarty who can transform as a chameleon to move with the flux.

Then just when I think that this balance is complicated or challenging, in sneaks a Love Heart to nudge me not to cry and remind me that I’m loved, or that someone wants to kiss me! They stick close to my Caramel Bud, pot of honey and old-time Chocolate Mate.

My bag of mixed sweets never empties. It’s always full of delight and decadence that reveal more deliciousness each day, jelling and adding more depth to the embodiment of my mix. My favourites don’t disappear, they just change and remain as faithful as my dogs by me now, snuggled and snoring together.

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