Every day Love

Love is the water of life, jump into this water. ~ Rumi

And do it every day. ~ Moni

Celebrate love on any and all days of the year. Flowers are for today and tomorrow, as are chocolates and champagne, and llamas too.Every day is just perfect for love

Receiving gifts and love sentiments on Valentine’s Day is lovely, yet I wonder whether they come with heartfelt feeling and meaning, or given as a pressure response to this day.

I gave chocolates to friends (and not lovers) one Valentine’s Day many years ago and some questioned why I gave them and felt uncomfortable for it. The integrity of the giving seemed to have been lost. I wonder if the response would have been the same if I gave them the day before, or on any other day of the year.

Receiving a gesture of love on every other day of the year is grand for me, like fireworks popping and dancing in my heart! And it’s just as joyous to give them too.

Receiving flowers because I’ve had a hard day … I still feel that support and strong for it.

My teenage son volunteering to hang out and bring in laundry because I’m tired or who offers gentle encouragement when he knows my visit to the dentist is dauntingly scary … I still smile in my heart. And the friend who cries with me at the news she is leaving to work in another city … that grip tightens within.

The love of, and between friends, children, siblings, parents, family, pets, as well as lovers, on every day … that’s my celebration of love.

Love is everywhere and in everything. It is the soul that sits within us, that essence that nurtures, supports and fills us with devotion, emotion and passion. It is that sparkle within that can bubble and radiate as our own sun. The heart flutters, the eyes that lock and see nothing else but each other, the unseen connections that bind people, that’s love to be celebrated any day of the year.

There is love too, in the wounds that we carry when we can feel like a desolate moon. The unrequited love or the betrayal of a lover can destroy a soul. But it’s because of love that we feel that.

And that’s the polarity of love. Yet it’s the real love, and it is life. Celebrate it every day.

Every day is just perfect for love. ~ Rumi

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