An angel is here

Two baubles of hazel rimmed in brown, glimmer and follow me as I walk across the expanse of this room.

They know.

They care.

They watch high and low, near and far, protecting as a long-time guardian. Their ripples of warmth and colour flow to wings of abundant love that nurture its young.

Tears well at the framed image of you on the wall above our table. We know you’re here today. The man dressed in red knows too, within his own pale eyes, sad and lonely and that pine for you. They say more than anyone dares to see.

He feels you in his yard of joy, among the fluttering fuchsias and vacillating vines that once you touched.

We know you’re here, where your eyes radiate and watch over us as a sentinel on lookout duty. Our keeper, the newest custodian of this family.

We see you in the face of those sitting today, in their smiles and laughter and their eyes too, in their frowns of tiredness after this being-together, grand day, dressed in your apron of yesterday.

You’re always with us, in our dreams and thoughts, in your knick-knacks within our own homes, and in our every way.

We know an angel is here today.

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