Takeaway truth

Here’s a striking truth:

‘When nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments you, then compliment yourself. It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It’s up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside.’ ~ Your Daily Woo

After reading that, I saw a feed on Twitter asking whether anyone knew of someone who had committed suicide and whether acceptance and unconditional love would have made a difference.

Pretty powerful question. I rarely respond to anything on Twitter but felt so compelled that I tweeted yes, but that it was far more complicated than having acceptance and unconditional love.

And yet within that complicated mix, something has to come from inside of us.

For me, that inside is about centring and sitting still to allow and feel all that is around me, to connect with my heart, myself as well as with others. In doing that, I feel gratitude for all that I have and experience, all that is around me. That wonderful grounding is something I’ve written about before in Keep It Simple Stupid.

Centring and connecting with my heart allows me to acknowledge and appreciate the love a teenage boy has for his younger brother while looking after him one night as he vomits into the toilet, and the love he has for me for not wanting to wake me. Connecting with my heart allows me to feel a passion and desire that can burst through me and remind me that I’m alive. It allows me to feel the deep, loving sentiment behind receiving flowers because I’ve had a battering week and not because it’s Valentines Day and that’s what you do on Valentines Day. And of course, it opens me up to feel my heart shatter.

Connecting with inside of ourselves means acknowledging that us humans are who we are with all our idiosynchronicities, it’s the real us without any outside influence.

When we can acknowledge that we can find love within us, we have what we need to live on this Earth. We find acceptance in that love and everything we need to survive and live, is inside of us.

There are no magic answers or solutions to life or living in this world. Sometimes we make it more complicated than it actually is and we can live a lifestyle that is so fast and materialistic, that we seek answers and expect them to be there instantly and without having to do anything for them.

But if we can simply connect to our centre, our heart, through meditation, exercise, sitting still or doing anything to help us stop and be grateful for all that is around us, we can learn to be in our own peace, to follow our heart in what makes us truly happy. We can find our self-love and with that, we will love beyond ourselves.

Our human spirit and soul naturally evolve and each day brings an element of evolution, whether we’re conscious of it or not. Some may evolve faster or slower than others, we’re all individual with our own paths to travel. That’s what makes the world so beautiful.

So if we connect with our heart, our inside, we have everything we need, and it comes effortlessly – love, hope, peace, faith, forgiveness, courage, gratitude, wisdom, and encouragement. We have divine love within us.


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