He watches me

I stand at the edge of the door, searching for the man and my guy. I see the man surrounded by his kids.

He looks up at me from his desk, then glances back down.

I walk into his room.

He shuffles some papers and lifts his head again. His whole body uplifts as his aura makes space from his kids.

I walk in closer to him, my eyes not shifting from his. He smiles. I smile back. I hand him the note to take my guy for the afternoon.

His smile broadens and becomes cheeky, mischievous. I feel my lips part, my own smile enrich.

My eyes shift momentarily as one kid asks him something I don’t hear.

I glance back at the man in heartily smile. Our eyes lock in.

‘Bye,’ I say, and walk out with my guy. I know he’s watching me.

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